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Classes Offered At Northwest Ballet Academy in Schaumburg, IL

Ballet Performance - Ballet Academy in Schaumburg, IL
People come to see beauty, and I dance to give it to them” – Judith Jamison

Ballet: The Foundation for the Other Forms Of Dance


Music and Movement (Children, 3-4 Years Old)

This class focuses on preparing the child for formal ballet training. We work on rhythms, counting music, learning how our bodies move to music and an introduction to ballet.

In Music and Movement we also work on developing coordination and strength, along with teaching the child how to participate appropriately in a classroom setting (working with others ,taking turns, and following direction).

Pre-Ballet (Children, 5-7 Years Old)

Ballerina - Ballet Academy in Schaumburg, IL
Pre-Ballet is a wonderful series of classes that exposes the young dancer to the basics of ballet. In addition to the ballet basics, the curriculum includes exploratory movement exercises which allow the student to discover how their body moves in various rhythms, levels, and movement qualities. There is time in each class for the student to participate in creative dance. One of the main goals of pre-ballet is to instill a love of dance.
We offer four levels of pre-ballet. These initial levels of formal ballet training include live piano accompaniment. Students are placed into the appropriate levels based on age and previous experience.

Children's Ballet (Children, 8-13 Years Old)

Children's Ballet is offered in a variety of skill levels. Each class completes a ballet barre and center. Students are placed into the appropriate levels based on age and previous experience. In addition to learning ballet technique, the children learn the french ballet terminology and study historical ballets, dancers, and choreographers.

Teen and Adult Ballet

These classes are built so that both adults and students can either begin ballet or refresh their skills. Students are placed into the appropriate levels based on previous experience and skills.

Intermediate and Advanced Ballet

At these levels, students are expected to be studying ballet multiple times per week. In addition, intermediate and advanced students have the opportunity to perform with our performing company, Northwest Ballet Ensemble.

Graded Cecchetti Courses

For the serious ballet student, Northwest Ballet Academy offers additional study of the Cecchetti method of ballet.
The Cecchetti Method of Ballet is named for Enrico Cecchetti (1850-1928), a world renowned teacher who developed a method of teaching in which each exercise played a part in the student's technical development. He created a definite plan to daily classes, preparing the student for the next level of work. To learn more about the Cecchetti Method visit Cecchetti Midwest Council of America.

Northwest Ballet's Cecchetti Method Instruction

  • The Cecchetti method begins with Grade 1 and continues through Grade 8. Students study one class of work, perfect that class, and take yearly exams at each Grade level.
  • The small coaching groups allow the student to experience a deeper dive into ballet technique than time allows in a regular ballet technique class.
  • Twice yearly workshops are held in the Chicago area where students can study with guest teachers and audition for scholarships to the International Cecchetti Summer School at Hope College in Holland, Michigan.

Karla Harris directs our Cecchetti program. She is a National examiner for the Cecchetti method, travelling around the country judging student and teacher exams at all levels, as well as educating teacher in other communities. We are also fortunate to have on staff, Jacqueline Farina and Lori Baduria who are also certified teachers of the Cecchetti method.

Jazz Dance

Jazz dance originated as a response to jazz music. Although based on ballet, jazz uses isolations of the body and stylized movement that is more modern and not found in classical ballet. Instructors at Northwest Ballet will focus on different styles of jazz during the course of the year. Jazz teaches dancers to move in different ways than ballet. This class gives students a freedom in the upper body that a ballet-only student often has difficulty achieving.

Character Dance

Character dance could be described as ballet based folk dance. Every full length classical ballet has significant sections which are completely character dance. Character dance is a very important piece in the process of building a strong classical dancer. In character class, the teacher focuses on upper body use and expression to improve the student's performance skills. Instruction includes Slavic, Irish, Scandinavian, and Spanish styles. The class is also supplemented with acting and musical theater units during the course of the year.

Modern Dance

Compared to ballet, modern dance makes students use the weight and momentum of their bodies differently. It also emphasizes the use of “the center” to improve the dancer's balance and control.

Pilates Mat

The Pilates method of body conditioning is a unique system of stretching and strengthening exercises developed over 90 years ago by Joseph H. Pilates. This class strengthens and tones muscles, improves posture, provides flexibility and balance, unites body and mind, and works muscle groups that are often weak in dancers.