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northwest ballet academy's philosophy

Ballet Dancers - Ballet Academy in Schaumburg, IL
To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful.” – Agnes DeMille

Building A Foundation Of Excellence

At Northwest Ballet Academy, we value our students first and foremost, which is why you will have access to tenured, accredited and decorated dance instructors who have helped build our company on the solid foundation of proper ballet training.

Individual Dance Instruction

  • Limit class sizes, ensuring that each student gets the proper amount of individual training.
  • Acknowledge that students move at different rates. Some may be ready for pointe, jazz or character dance earlier than others.
  • Personalize class recommendations for each student.
Ballet performance - Ballet Academy in Schaumburg, IL

Ballet: The Foundation of Dance

  • The study of Ballet teaches the student grace, self confidence, discipline, and the ability to work with others, along with the technical mastery of a beautiful art form.
  • Students should not mix various dance forms in a single class session. Typically, classes that offer a mix of ballet and other dance forms compromise the quality of ballet instruction.
  • It can be motivating and fun, as well as provide lifelong skills, if taught properly.
  • Other forms of dance can come easily as a result (even dancers at jazz and modern companies take ballet classes every day).

Performance: The Fruit of Hard Work

One measure of success is the number of performances that we host throughout the year. Dancing live and on stage is a student's shining moment and a chance to display his/her hard work over the months.

  • The opportunity to participate in dance performances is a wonderful experience; however, we do not sacrifice quality class time for rehearsal.
  • The younger or more basic students are included in our spring show, which is prepared each May at the Prairie Center for the Arts in Schaumburg, Illinois.

Performance Opportunities At Northwest Ballet Academy


Northwest Ballet ensemble

intermediate and advanced students may audition to become a member of Northwest Ballet Academy’s performing company, Northwest Ballet Ensemble. This ensemble performs original choreography at the annual Winter Festival of Dance, which is hosted every February, and also performs in various other programs around Chicago.

Spring Dance concert

All Northwest Ballet Academy students are invited to participate each May in our Spring Dance Concert. We present a historic, classical ballet, or a original ballet set to a familiar story. We conduct three performances on stage at the Prairie Center for the Arts in Schaumburg, Illinois.

Schaumburg Dance Ensemble

Students over the age of eight are encouraged to audition for the Schaumburg Dance Ensemble. Michele Holzman, director of Northwest Ballet Academy, also directs this. This is a community dance company that annually performs The Nutcracker for packed houses at the Prairie Center for the Arts. There are usually 12 performances that include over 100 student dancers and 12 professionals.